Respecting your privacy is essential to us. This is why we set out our full Privacy Policy below.


1)     We respect your privacy and your choices.
2)     We will not send you marketing communications unless you have asked us to. You can change your mind at any time.
3)     We will never sell your personal data or pass it on to third parties
4)     We are committed to keeping your personal data safe and secure.
5)     We are committed to being open and transparent about how we use your personal data.
6)     We will not use your personal data in ways that we have not told you about.
7)     We respect your rights, and will always try to accommodate your requests as far as is possible, in line with our own legal and operational responsibilities.

Below we set out what types of personal data we might collect or hold about you, how we use it, who we share it with, how we protect it and keep it secure, and your rights around your personal data.
Note that all of the information set out below may not apply to you. When you share personal data with us or when we collect personal data about you, we will use it in line with this Privacy Policy. Please read this information carefully.


Hilton Banks Limited is responsible for the personal data that you share with us. When we say “Hilton Banks”, “us”, “our” or “we”, this is who we are referring to. Hilton Banks is the “data controller” for the purposes of applicable data protection laws.


“Personal data” means any information or pieces of information that could identify you and your company directly. This includes things like name, email/ addresses/Telephone number.

How do we collect or receive your personal data?

If you (The Customer) hold a trade account with us, we (Hilton Banks Ltd) will collect your data by requesting that you fill in our Account Application form, either sent by email or handed to you in person via a sales representative.

What personal data may we hold about you?
* Company Name
* Business Address
* Owners/Partners First name and surname;
* Financial Contact First Name and surname
* Purchasing Contact First Name and surname
* Email addresses;
* Phone number;

How and why we may use it?
* We use this data to set up the trade account so can buy goods from us
* Process your order via our invoicing software including delivering the product to the address you indicated;
* Manage payments. Please note that your payment information (credit card number/bank account details) is never kept on file.
* Manage any contact you have with us about your order;
* Manage any dispute relating to a purchase
* To send marketing communications in the form of our monthly offers

How long will the data be stored for?

Once the customer has ceased trading with us, your information will be marked as inactive but kept on our system for 6 years for legal requirements.

Your rights and choices

You have a right to obtain the data that we have on file, and if you have any complaints about how we handle your data, please contact